IMMAF Championship in Tajikistan
By Jade Kerr - October 28, 2022

The Asian Championships for 2022 will be held in Tajikistan this year, according to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. Nations like Kazakhstan, Japan, Iraq, Jordan, the Philippines, China, and many others will compete in this competition. The 2022 Asian Championships will be held from October 27 to October 30 at a location determined by the IMMAF, with athlete registration and the draw taking place on October 26. The senior and junior divisions of the international amateur MMA tournament, which the Tajikistan MMA Federation is hosting, will be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Getty images/UFC/Chris Unger / Contributor

The decision to designate the Asian MMA Federation as the host organization for the continental championships comes after a historic gathering of IMMAF’s Asian federations on Sunday to create the organization to promote shared goals for the local and international growth of the sport. Since Bahrain, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan currently hold the top three spots in the World Amateur MMA Rankings, Asia has emerged as a hub for IMMAF and MMA talent development. Three IMMAF World Championships have been held in Bahrain, which debuted its Super Cup brand; the 2021 IMMAF World Championships were held in the UAE, which also owns the three-year contract for hosting the Youth World Championships. In addition, the new Saudi MMA Federation introduced women’s coaching and competition changes, which had a brisk start.

“We are thrilled to announce the return of IMMAF’s Asian Championships after three years,” IMMAF President Kerrith Brown remarked. IMMAF’s impact on the continent has widened over this time, we’ve hosted three marquee tournaments there, and the growth of amateur athletes and grassroots sports has been phenomenal. As a result, we anticipate that these Championships will establish new standards and create new records for amateur MMA in Asia. We are appreciative that President Davron Juraev and the TAJMMAF gave us the chance to host the tournament there.