Cleveland Indians changing name after 105 years
By admin - August 13, 2020

A historic time is happening soon. The Cleveland Indians are changing their name after 105 years. Here are the highlights:

  • The New York Times found three people familiar with the decision. They reported Sunday night that Cleveland is considering changing the name that’s been considered racist for many years.
  • Apparently, the Indians may have been discussing this topic for months.
  • They’re keeping this under wraps for the most part because a spokesman told The Associated Press the franchise has no comments on the situation yet.
  • The Times said the team is most likely to come with a formal announcement later this week. However, it’s unclear if the name change will be set for next season.
  • The name change comes right after the NFL’s former Washington Redskins changed to Washington Football Team, as a way to get rid of a long-term history with a problematic name.
  • In response to the Cleveland Indians name change, President Donald Trump tweeted, “This is not good news, even for ”Indians”. Cancel culture at work!”
  • We’ll see what happens and if they go with Cleveland Baseball Team.