Horton-Tucker Steps Up Big Time in Lakers OT Win Against Knicks
By admin - May 13, 2021

It’s been a bit of a tough road for the Lakeshow without their star point guard, Lebron James. However, Talent Horton-Tucker came up big against the New York Knicks. Here are the highlights:

  • With 21.1 seconds remaining in overtime, Horton-Tucker made a three-pointer to win a 101-99 victory over the Knicks.
  • Due to James missing another game from his sprained ankle and Alex Caruso’s early departure from right foot soreness, Horton-Tucker had to fill in the role as a point guard to help the team secure the victory.
  • Lakers coach Frank Vogel said that he made some young player moves both good and bad. He showed he had guts by taking that shot to defeat the Knicks, and remained poised and confident through the end. 
  • The interesting thing is there were 23 lead changes in the season. Horton-Tucker went up against Derrick Rose to take the last shot. He grew up idolizing him because both went to the same high school in Chicago. It was something of a sweet moment for Horton-Tucker. 
  • The Lakers are one game behind Portland and Dallas for the sixth seed in the Western Conference, so they’re looking to keep playing at a high level to increase their playoff chances. 
  • Lakers player, Anthony Davis said they know their current standing now and they’re playing desperately to help see through the final games of the regular season. Their goal now is if Lebron does come back soon they want him to get back in his rhythm and be ready for the playoffs.
  • Los Angeles has three straight home games, which they’re looking to win and finish the season strong.