Heat co-owner says Lebron James tried to get Eric Spoelstra fired
By admin - 2016-10-25 03:59:43

Is Lebron James a coach killer? That’s what one high-profile individual in the NBA is saying after Cleveland’s coach got canned.

As David Blatt gets the ax in Cleveland despite the fact that the team is No. 1 in the Eastern Conference, the co-owner of the Miami Heat says that James tried to get Heat coach Eric Spoelstra fired at one point, according to a NESN report.

James is being blamed for Blatt’s departure despite the Cavaliers’ success on the court, with many often joking the James should just make himself a player-coach.

So it comes as no surprise that report are coming indicating sources out of Blatt’s camp are blaming Lebron for ousting the coach.

Heat co-owner Raanan Katz said James also tried to get Spoelstra fired, but team president Pat Riley stood his ground, according to the report. Riley even supposedly called Lebron to his office to tell him that he wouldn’t let him run his organization, and that Spoelstra would not be fired on his watch. In fact, Katz said that this was why Lebron returned to Cleveland: it was a place where he was the boss, and no one else.

Riley, who now has seven championships under his belt, certainly faced less pressure to cave to Lebron than Cleveland, which was desperate to have him back after returning to the basement of the NBA when Lebron bolted to the Heat.

Spoelstra ultimately helped the Heat go to four straight NBA Finals, winning two of them.