Harassment lawsuit names NFL Network's Michael Irvin, Eric Davis
By admin - 2018-12-13 01:57:46

Former NFL Network makeup artist Erin McParland alleges in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed Tuesday that Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin and former All-Pro cornerback Eric Davis created a sexually hostile work environment for her during her two years at the network.

According to USA Today, McParland claims in the suit that she repeatedly told Irvin, who is still an analyst with NFL Network, “to not touch her” and Davis, who was fired in 2017 after a similar lawsuit, would allegedly “rub his genitals” against her.

McParland further alleges that Irvin “made inappropriate gestures and comments to her and once grabbed her waist” against her wishes. Meanwhile, Davis subjected her to “unwanted advances” via Instagram messages, including remarking on her “flexibility and suggesting how good things could be” between the two, according to the suit.

“These communications were laced with sexual innuendo and suggestion which were both inappropriate and offensive,” McParland’s attorneys wrote in the lawsuit. “When the next football season began defendant Eric Davis was able to continue his inappropriate behavior including but not limited to making physical contact.”

McParland also claims that she complained to human resources about Irvin and Davis but no action was taken until similar complaints were made against Davis. The lawsuit , which reportedly alleges she “sustained and will continue to sustain severe physical, mental and emotional injuries, ” is reportedly seeking “an amount sufficient to punish and make an example of NFL Network.”

It’s the second such lawsuit brought against the network in less than a year. In the first, former wardrobe stylist Jamie Cantor accused former players Marhsall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans, along with several former NFL players and others who have worked for NFL Network, including Donovan McNabb, Warren Sapp and Davis, of engaging insexually inappropriate behavior towards her. All were eventually fired after an internal investigation. Irvin was reportedly suspended in late 2016 for about a month during the investigation, but was back on the air by late 2016.