Grizzlies unveil FedEx as first jersey sponsor
By admin - 2019-02-23 01:49:17

Thursday night’s unveiling ceremonies at the FedExForum for the media and key fans included a FedEx courier delivering packages containing the new Memphis Grizzlies team jerseys.

“A month ago, we did this photoshoot (with the new uniforms), and I just loved them,” said second-year forward Dillon Brooks, who along with guard Mike Conley, served as models in a video for the new uniforms. “I even tried to put one in my bag and take it home. But obviously, it came out.”

Often on the cutting edge of fashion, Conley provided the uniforms a nice review, stating, “My professional opinion is I look great,” he said drawing laughs from the crowd.

The Grizzlies notably retained a baby blue known as Beale Street Blue “statement” uniform in the mix. The team’s grizzly bear logo adorns the side of the darker blue uniform shorts.

Each uniform has a blue-collar representative of the team’s grit-and-grind characteristics, a mentality the Grizzlies hope to resurrect this season.

Among other changes were logo characteristics, including outlining the main grizzly bear head logo in “steel gray” to accentuate the fierceness in the bear’s eyes. The team’s claw ball emblem was rotated where the three middle claws around the ball now form an M for Memphis.

The court now will feature planks going side-to-side rather than the length of the floor.

“We’re a city that cuts against the grain; we’re going to have the only court in the NBA that cuts against the grain,” said Jason Wexler, the Grizzlies president of business operations. “Every single court in the NBA runs goal to goal. We’re going to run the opposite direction because that’s what we do. Anytime we can make Memphis stand out, we make Memphis stand out.”