Gold medalist Henderson has message for Carl Lewis
By admin - 2016-10-12 20:59:38

Jeff Henderson, who won the gold medal in the long jump, had a message for Carl Lewis.

Carl Lewis, a nine time Olympic gold medalist and four time gold medalist in the long jump for the United States of America, has made disparaging remarks about the current crop of U.S. long jump Olympians.

“[The long jump is] the worst event in the world right now. Awful,” remarked Lewis prior to the 2016 games. “Do you want to go and see someone jump 26 feet? They don’t know how to jump. And they’re not trying to because they’re winning medals anyway. If I jumped 26 feet I’d walk away and say, ‘Don’t measure that, make it a foul.’ Have a standard. You don’t go to the Olympics for a medal. You go for the distance. People want to go and get a medal for jumping 26 feet? Come on.”

The United States of America has not won a gold medal in the long jump since the 2004 Athens games, when Dwight Phillips prevailed.

Jeff Henderson won the gold for the United States of America, bringing the American gold medal count in the event to 22, the most of any country in any event.

“I did not know about that until now,’’ said Henderson, 27, hailing from McAlmont, Arkansas. “But it feels good to be in that category, to win that many medals. It feels surreal right now. I guarantee you Carl Lewis can’t say much about it now.”