Global Union Promises Olympic Athletes Legal Support If They Protest
By admin - April 23, 2021

With so many social and political movements going on, it’s only natural that it would reach sports in some capacity. In any case, if any athletes protest for justice, they’ll be represented by a global union. Here are the highlights:

  • The pledges got here one day after the International Olympic Committee confirmed its long-standing ban on things pertaining to “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda” when it comes to playing sports, ceremonies, or medal podiums.
  • A simple act such as raising a fist could be punishable. 
  • Not to mention, the IOC said that shirts like “Black Lives Matter” won’t be allowed on athletic apparel. Shirts that say “peace”, “unity’, and “respect” will be accepted.
  • Brendan Schwab, executive director of the World Players Association Union, said that their response was exactly as he expected and the Olympic movement doesn’t understand its history like the athletes do. 
  • Schwab said that any athlete sanctioned at the Olympics has the full backing of the World Players.
  • They’re all about peacefully standing up for fundamental human rights. The outdated rules shouldn’t supersede humanity.
  • On a bigger level, World Athletics resident Sebastian Coe and FIFA president Gianni Infantino have shown support for athletes standing up against social injustice. They don’t believe in punishing them for their beliefs.