Getting To Know Steph Curry
By Jade Kerr - August 20, 2022

Basketball wizard Stephen Curry can do amazing things. He has the Midas touch and is a creative sniper, too! The 6’3″ point guard was formerly viewed with suspicion by basketball analysts. Steph was criticized for being too short to play professional basketball and possibly only a long-range shooter by many. Thought to be an underdog, this sports star is currently vying for his second MVP. In 2013, when he and his head coach, Marc Jackson, made it to the second round of the playoffs, Steph became one of the NBA’s top players.

Stephen Curry was seen as an underdog early in his career. Steph motivates people to believe in their dreams, no matter how remarkable or ambitious they may be, which is one of his best qualities. Steph had a thing for Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts when she was younger. However, Steph developed feelings for Ayesha, a charming young woman. Many people might believe that Steph married his “college sweetheart,” Ayesha, but they were unaware that the two met when they were young in Charlotte. Ayesha and Steph first connected during a religious camp.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/Paul Archuleta/ Contributor

Numerous people fear snakes. Pythons are enormous, non-venomous snakes native to Africa, Asia, and Australia that squeeze and suffocate their prey. It’s been said that Steph is terrified of snakes! He won’t go near them at all. I suppose there are a few fears inside every brilliant person. On Thursday Night Football, Steph doesn’t tune in. No, he has more elaborate things to accomplish. Like watching Viola Davis, who plays a law professor and criminal defense lawyer, dominate the screen. It’s also possible that he binges it on OnDemand like the rest of the globe.

Steph has intermittently taken classes to finish his degree. His senior thesis at Davidson focused on the connection between tattoos and basketball players. The most intriguing information concerned what he was doing to earn his sociology degree from college: the study of tattoos, especially with athletes and former NBA players and how they choose to get them, how they’re viewed as status symbols, and how players ultimately encourage other young people to get tattoos.