Getting Drafted by the MLS
By Lucila Bilenca - May 6, 2023

Students interested in becoming professional soccer players may not know what it takes to get there or how the process works. Like most other professional sports careers, it starts with having a good record in high school. The process begins with having a solid record during high school that is filled with impressive performances on the field. For most people interested in becoming professional soccer players, it can take years to get there. Good grades, good test scores, extra-curricular activities, and participation in a variety of sports can play a big part in your eventual success. Professional soccer players tend to have a good record in high school.

Students who play well on a high school level are often recruited by colleges and universities to play on their college teams. Like most other professional sports careers, a professional soccer player’s journey starts with a strong showing in high school. High school soccer players who have a good record have a high likelihood of being scouted by a professional team. College teams are where most professional recruiters scout out new talent. The order of teams going in the draft is selected by the team’s standings, usually, the expansion team will go first, or if there are two expansion teams the team’s flip a coin.

Getty Images/Tetra Images/Erik Isakson

Potential players’ names are put in a lotto of the sort where teams pick the players that they would like on their team. Most players usually know where they will come on in the draft and what team they will be signing with. However, there have been some surprise picks in the past. The draft is always an exciting time for players and fans alike as teams change their makeup and also change their strategies to accommodate new players. The draft is like a sneak peek at what the teams will look like during the new season.