French police commander and female companion stabbed to death
By admin - 2016-08-14 14:21:51

A French policeman and his female companion were killed by a man with ISIS affiliation.

The attack, which occurred Monday evening in the Paris Suburb of Magnanville (approximately 35 miles west of Paris), was carried out by a still unidentified, knife carrying assailant according to French officials.

The senior police officer, who was a commander, was stabbed outside of his home.

According to French Interior Ministry spokesman, Pierre-Henry Brandet, the attacker then presumably broke into the home and killed the woman inside.

Elite police arrived at the residence shortly thereafter and stormed the property, finding the attacker and the female companion of the police commander dead. They also found a three year old boy inside the home.

“The toll is a heavy one,” lamented Brandet. “Thankfully, a little boy was saved. He was in the house. He’s safe and sound. He was saved by police officers.”

“[The boy was] shocked but unharmed,” reported Versailles state prosecutor, Vincent Lesclous. “The investigation is beginning. We have no serious [indication] on the motivation behind this act.”

According to the Amaq, a news agency that supports and reports on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the attacker was an ISIS fighter, but no official claims have been made by the jihadist militant group.

France and many other European nations have seen a rising tide of jihadist violence in recent years. Many of the attacks have been aimed at authority figures, police officers, soldiers, and international politicians.