Former Olympic skater Tara Lipinski not seen her gold medal in 15 years
By admin - 2018-02-26 08:50:01

Olympic gold figure skater Tara Lipinski has not seen her treasured medal in 15 years. But she isn’t concerned, as she knows precisely where it is.

Lipinski struck Olympic gold when she was only 15 years old skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Now, 35, Lipinski says she hasn’t seen the medal in 15 years. While it isn’t in her hands, she told PEOPLE Now that she knows it’s in great hands.

“It goes to museums or exhibits and then if I ever wanted it back I can, and it has security to make sure nothing happens to it,” she explained.

“Kristi Yamaguchi had hers set up, and she was an idol of mine and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is incredible,” Lipinski told PEOPLE. “For me, if a young skater passes by and gets to see that I’m sure that would mean a lot.”

The Olympic champion went on to explain that while she cherishes her medal, she really doesn’t need it in her possession because of how it can inspire the next generation of Olympians.