Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader sues team and NFL
By admin - 2018-04-12 19:16:44

A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader has filed a discrimination lawsuit against both the Dolphins organization and the team, claiming she was treated unfairly after admitting she was a virgin, among other things.

Kristan Ann Ware filed the complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, saying she “faced hostility and retaliation from Dolphins cheerleading coaches and was discriminated against on behalf of her gender and religion,” The Washington Post reports. Ware further maintains that much of the mistreatment directed at her came after she revealed to other cheerleaders that she was a virgin.

According to the complaint, it all began in 2015 when during the Dolphins’ trip to London that season, some of the other cheerleaders were talking about the music they liked to listen to while having sex. Ware interjected that she was a virgin and didn’t plan on having sex until she was married. Ware says that later on at her yearly review she was told by the cheerleading team director and the team’s choreographer to stop discussing her virginity around the team. Ware reportedly left the team after the 2016 season.

“After being exposed, and having my virginity [cast] in a negative way, I felt so vulnerable,” She told the Post. “It kind of crushed my spirit to change into a bikini after that comment was made. It took a piece of me.”

The team refuted the allegations in a statement.

“We are seriously committed to providing a positive work environment for everyone associated with the organization,” the statement said. “We hold every member of our organization to the same standards and do not discriminate as it relates to gender, race and religious beliefs.”