Florida coach sends mixed signals with gun policy
By admin - 2019-02-04 00:44:06

University of Florida head football coach Dan Mullen just muddied the waters with his team policy on guns.

Soon after the former Mississippi State coach was hired last November to turn around a struggling Gators program, he said the team had a clear no-guns policy. But at Florida media day Thursday, one week after wide receiver Kadarius Toney was found with a loaded AR-15 rifle in the back seat of his car during a traffic stop, his policy was suddenly not so easy to understand.

“It’s a no-weapons policy in certain situations of how to be educated to not have issues,” Mullen said via the New York Post. “No weapons, that’s easy to remember. If I write out all the different scenarios,  no weapons in these situations or have a weapon for a hunting situation, if I’m doing this, I store it at this location, I keep it here, I have gun safety rules and knowledge. That’s not a quick catch to them to register in their mind. Does that make sense?”

At least one of Mullen’s players, wide receiver Josh Hammond, thought the opposite was true.

“No weapons allowed,” Hammond said. “That’s been our policy since coach Mullen got here.”

Meanwhile, Toney reportedly escaped being charged by Gainesville police for having the AR-15 rifle because it was not concealed and did not violate the state’s open carry law.