Fernando Tatis Jr. Extends His Contract with San Diego Padres for $340 Million
By admin - February 19, 2021

Baseball has seen some pretty lucrative and long-term contracts. This one with Fernando Tatis, Jr certainly takes the cake for 2021. At just 22 years old, he’s cemented himself as a potential great. Here are the highlights:

  • Both Tatis, Jr. and the San Diego Padres have agreed on a 14-year $340 million deal
  • He’s undoubtedly put numbers on the board by batting .301/.374/.582 with 39 home runs and 27 stolen bases
  • His stats are impressive for anyone but extraordinary for a shortstop
  • He’s won a Silver Slugger and his performance is the reason why the Padres are comfortable with giving him such as high-level contract
  • This a ground-breaking contract because the only other player to break $300 million on the Padres is infield Manny Machado
  • Not to mention, it’s the 3rd largest contract in Major League Baseball history
  • Tatis, Jr. is definitely the brightest young star to come to the team in years
  • They’ve logged in their highest win percentage in team history, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes to pass in the years to come