Felix Sets a Record By Winning Bronze to Get Her 10th Olympic Medal
By admin - August 7, 2021

Allyson Felix put up a respectable performance finishing third in the 400 meters Friday to win her 10th career medal. She’s become the most decorated woman in the history of the Olympic track and field. Here are the highlights: 

  • The experienced 35-year-old Felix, the reliable team member of American track and field, started in the outside lane but gain momentum. She was able to close the gap and outrace Stephanie Ann McPherson on the Jamaican team to take third place by .15 seconds. 
  • Shanae Miller-Uibo had a stellar showing, winning in 48.36 to reclaim her Olympic title from Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Felix’s 10th Olympic medal makes history. It not only broke a tie with Jamaican runner Merlene Ottey but matches Carl Lewis, who also won 10 medals and was alone as the most decorated U.S. athlete in track.
  • This is an even bigger victory for her because Felix spearheaded a conversation about the way women are treated in sports. She severed ties with Nike because of their pay reductions in women’s contracts if they became pregnant. Felix had a daughter in 2018. 
  • This is her first bronze medal in her Olympic career that started in Athens in 2004. She’s won six gold and three silver medals. If she competes in the 4×400 relay finals, she could go for 11 medals. 
  • Although bronze would’ve been disappointing in the past, this was a humbling moment for her because of some losses she took in the past. She appreciates the medal that much more.
  • Additionally, her recovering from a C-section (which risked her and her baby’s lives) and getting back into running shape was a different level of humility. 
  • She fought hard to get to the semi-finals to go for a medal. When she was able to position herself from the far outside of Lane 9 to closing the gap with McPherson, she gave it her all. She won third place and collapsed to the ground with a huge smile on her face in satisfaction.