Feigen apologizes for role in Rio robbery lie
By admin - 2016-10-12 21:00:12

Jimmy Feigen apologized for his role in the Lochte Rio robbery lie.

Feigen is the last of the four swimmers involved directly in the August 14 incident to release an official statement regarding his involvement.

Feigen and three other American swimmers, including Ryan Lochte, claimed to have been robbed at a Rio gas station by men claiming to be Rio authorities.

“I omitted the facts that we urinated behind the building and that Ryan Lochte pulled a poster off the wall,” explained the 26 year old gold medal Olympian in a statement delivered on NBC News on Tuesday. “I realize I made a mistake by omitting these facts. I was trying to protect my teammates and for this I apologize.”

The scandal caused by the incident raised the ire of Brazilian authorities and caught the attention of the world during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

A Brazilian judge ordered all four swimmers to remain in the country. Lochte returned to the United States before the order and Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were pulled off of a plane before they could leave the country.

While Bentz and Conger were allowed to leave the country, according to Feigen, his passport was confiscated.

Feigen was ordered to either remain in Brazil while the investigation played out or pay a fine and have his passport returned.

“I was able to contact my family in the United States along with my American attorneys and we were able to satisfy the payment of the fine the next day,” recalled Feigen. “My passport was returned to me after payment was received, and I was able to return home.”