Feds probe Ohio State over abuse claims against wrestling doc
By admin - 2019-01-11 02:40:55

The U.S . Department of Education has launched an investigation into Ohio State University’s handling of accusations from wrestlers and other athletes that they were molested by the team doctor, NBC Sports reported.

The department’s Office for Civil Rights arm will investigate the university’s response to “allegations that employees knew or should have know about the sexual misconduct and allowed the abuse to continue,” according to a release from the university on Thursday. The inquiry follows the university’s own investigation, which began four months ago when a group of wrestlers said they were molested by Dr. Richard Strauss more than two decades ago. Strauss committed suicide in 2005.

“We welcome the involvement and careful oversight of OCR and look forward to providing any information we can,” Gates Garrity-Rokous, vice president and chief compliance officer for Ohio State, said in a news release. “We responded promptly and appropriately to the allegations received in April about Dr. Strauss. We are confident in the independence and thoroughness of the investigation we launched then as well as our ongoing commitment to transparency.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1986 to 1994, is one of several former staff members who is accused of ignoring the alleged abuse by Strauss. NBC News reportedly interviewed six former Ohio State wrestlers who said they believe Jordan knew about the abuse. One of them said he told Jordan about it directly, according to the report.

Jordan has denied any knowledge of the allegations.