Ethan Hawke: I've been banned from Garden for criticizing Knicks
By admin - 2018-05-16 18:33:40

Actor Ethan Hawke was once one of a handful New York Knicks fans who were able to use their celebrity to score free courtside seats at Madison Square Garden. But the long-time Knicks fan said that all changed after the team fired head coach Mike D’Antoni back in 2012 and he voiced his displeasure with the move all over television and radio programs.

Hawke, a native New Yorker, made an appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast this week and talked about how Knicks owner James Dolan responded to his criticism by pulling the plug on his complimentary tickets.

“I’ve been a Knicks fan for a long time, but I got kicked out of the Garden. They won’t give me tickets anymore,” Hawke told Simons. “I was really vocal on some talk shows like this and I called up one night and they said it would be $7,800. I was like, ‘Oh, um, oh, why is this the first time you guys are charging me?’ They said I should have thought of that before I went on the Jimmy Fallon Show. So I’ve apologized publicly many times to try and get my seats again.”

Hawke said the incident left him without a team, but he’s apparently moved on since. He’s recently been spotted across town at the Barclays Center rooting for the Brooklyn Nets.