Eric Mangini says National Anthem protest is reason Kaepernick is not starting
By admin - 2016-10-12 21:02:19

Former NFL coach, Eric Mangini, weighed in on why Colin Kaepernick is not starting.

There have been quarterback questions in San Francisco since starting signal caller Blaine Gabbert has proven ineffective in his first few starts. Many analysts and opposing players, including Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman, Michael Bennett, have called for a switch at the position. 49ers head coach, Chip Kelly, has claimed that he is staying with Gabbert because Kaepernick is not physically ready to play as of yet.

Former NFL head coach, Eric Mangini said on Tuesday that he believes that Kaepternick protesting the National Anthem may play a part in the decision as well.

“Chip is smart in the sense of saying ‘He’s not ready physically’ because now he doesn’t have to make a decision which incorporates that (other stuff). But to say he doesn’t know when he’s ready or he doesn’t really know what his health is … you know, you meet with your trainers every single day; you know what the health of your players are. He’s the No. 2 quarterback on the roster. Christian Ponder hasn’t been active at all this season. So he’s OK if (Kaepernick) has to go in the second play of the game but he’s not OK to start the game?” remarked Mangini during a segment of Undisputed on Tuesday.¬†“So I think that’s smart from his perspective to push it in the injury category so that you don’t have to make a decision.”