Draymond Green says Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player
By admin - 2019-02-09 07:57:04

Golden State Warriors forward, Draymond Green, said that Boston Celtics forward, Kelly Olynyk, is a dirty player.

“He’s dirty, a dirty player,” said Green on an episode of the Uninterrupted podcast, “Dray Day.” “I don’t respect guys like that. I know he’s not the greatest basketball player of all time, so maybe he feel like he got to do that, but you don’t have to do that. Just dirty. I don’t respect that, man. He’s dirty.”

According to Green, Olynyk sets flagrant screens on opposing players. Green pointed to an Olynyk screen on Washington Wizards forward, Kelly Oubre, during Game Three of their NBA Playoff series. Oubre was knocked down by the screen. He jumped up, rushed at Olynyk, and forearmed him, which resulted in Oubre being ejected from the game and suspended for Game Four of the series.

“Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player, man,” reiterated Green. “Olynyk caught [Oubre] in the face and the neck with a couple of elbows. That’s what I don’t understand. You let people get away with stuff, and then when somebody finally react … you penalize that guy. But you are not going to penalize [Olynyk] for continually elbowing him the face. … I don’t get that. You’ve seen what he’s done. Everybody’s seen what he’s done. I don’t really need to go [further] on that. Come on, man. There’s more cameras in these arenas now than it’s ever been. Everybody sees what goes on.”