Draymond Green picks fight with Kevin Durant
By admin - 2017-02-09 03:06:05

Draymond Green said his fight with Kevin Durant was purposeful.

The two Golden State Warriors teammates got into a shouting match on Saturday night during a loss to the lowly Sacramento Kings. The shouting match came as Durant scored only 10 points on 2-10 shooting from the field. Durant, who is a typically laid back player on the court, was uncharacteristically unenthusiastic on the night. It was during a break that Green got in the face of Durant, who returned the barrage of obscenities being hurled at him by his fellow All Star. Durant and Green reportedly watched Super Bowl LI together the next day. According to Warriors teammates and head coach, Steve Kerr, the argument was on par for close teammates.

“It’s totally normal,” said Kerr. “You should have seen the Bulls back in the day. … It’s just competitive, heat-of-the-moment stuff.”

Green, however, said that he engaged Durant on purpose to light a fire underneath him.

“It was actually a tactic. But that’s for us to know and for everyone else to figure out,” explained Green of the altercation. “Anyone who knows anything about winning know that’s what happens. It just is what it is. If you’ve got to hide something from one of your teammates, you can’t say something to somebody, then you’re in a bad situation. And me personally, I don’t want to be in that situation. If you’re on a team where you can’t talk, where there’s moments and you need to yell at each other, maybe that yelling is to get each other going.”