Dion Waiters opens up about becoming a pro
By admin - 2017-01-26 13:54:14

Miami Heat shooting guard, Dion Waiters, spoke to The Crossover about growing into a productive NBA player.

Waiters, whose nickname is “the internet’s shooting guard”, has played for three teams in the last five seasons. Drafted out of Syracuse University in 2012 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Waiters was a highly touted scorer and overall strong and tough competitor. Many sports commentators posited that due to his immaturity, he could not get along with Cavs star, Kyrie Irving, and reach his potential as a player. Waiters was moved to Oklahoma City, where he played well in spurts, but was in the end an unsatisfactory replacement for MVP candidate, James Harden.

Waiters has now landed in a Miami Heat uniform on a one year deal worth less than $3 million. He has worked hard to play well for the Heat and has become one of their most trusted scorers in the clutch. Waiters spoke about what makes him feel at home in Miami and how he became the player he thought he could be all along.

“Just everything. The organization, the people around the organization, my teammates, coach, of course Pat [Riley]. I feel right at home,” revealed Waiters. “I think this was the best place and opportunity for me. Like I said before when I signed, it was never about the money. It was about the opportunity, just having a place you call home, and enjoying it and having fun. You know, I wake up every day with a T-shirt and shorts on. So you know, it’s cool man. I’m excited. And I was happy I made that decision.”