Deshone Kizer dodges draft questions
By admin - 2016-11-10 15:53:44

Notre Dame Quarterback, Deshone Kizer, has kept mum on his plans for next year.

Notre Dame has a plethora of quality quarterbacks on its roster. Starter, Malik Zaire, broke his ankle earlier in the season, but will have healed by next year. Kizer is continuing his extraordinary play from a season ago. Sophomore, Brandon Wimbush, who is now the backup to Kizer, has received praise for his play in practice, including from Kizer himself. At a press conference, Kizer said that he would welcome the competition from Wimbush and Zaire next year. This led to questions about whether Kizer might not be considering the NFL Draft next year as opposed to returning to Notre Dame.

“At this point I’m so focused in on doing whatever I can to get us to a position to be bowl eligible, I haven’t really put the time and thought needed to make a decision,” replied Kizer. “I know that there will be an opportunity for me to play at the next level, whether or not it would be first round, second round, third round, we have no idea. Once again, I haven’t informed myself enough to make a good decision.”

Kizer certainly has the talent to get a strong look from National Football League scouts and war rooms. Barring injury, he is projected to play in the NFL. The disappointing Notre Dame season, however, might hurt his draft prospects and he may return to school to prove that he can lead a winning team. Notre Dame is currently three and six and struggling to earn a bowl game spot.