Deontay Wilder Won't See Another Fight Until 2022
By Alexandra Wade - October 13, 2021

Deontay Wilder has been suspended from the ring until April 2022. Wilder faced off with champion Tyson Fury on Saturday which resulted in a crushing defeat for the contender. This was the third fight for the pair and the second which saw Fury walking away with the win. In the second to last round of their latest match up Wilder was stopped midround for having landed on the canvas for the third time in his second consecutive loss to the British fighter. Wilder was taken to a nearby hospital where he was checked for injuries before being released later that night. Wilder had broken his finger in the fight resulting in a suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission until his finger has been declared healed by a physician.

Fury was also given a standard 45-day long suspension after he successfully defended his heavyweight world title. Though his victory was decisive, it was not easy. Twice the title-holder had been put down to the canvas before he managed to come out on top.

Fury says he will be spending his ‘suspension’ in the company of his family, including his six children. His next match sees him up against fellow Brit and rival Dillian Whyte in 2022, assuming Whyte is victorious in his upcoming bout with Otto Wallin. If Fury succeeds in holding onto his title following the match with Whyte he’ll most likely be taking aim at the victor of the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksander Usyk.

Deontay Wilder has a less certain future after he recovers from his defeat and the surgery to mend his finger. Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott says that he strongly suggested a break for the fighter but insists that Wilder won’t be retiring anytime soon. If Anthony Joshua sees defeat yet again at the hands of Usyk it’s been speculated that Wilder may get a chance in the ring with him.