Darrelle Revis admits he has succumbed to father time
By admin - 2016-11-03 22:50:37

New York Jets corner, Darrelle Revis, admitted that Father Time has caught up to him.

“I brought it on myself by playing the game and the position at such a high level for so long,” said Revis during a locker room interview on Thursday with NJ.com. “You’re getting critiqued like a quarterback, and I’m a defensive back,” Revis said. “For what I’ve done in this league, you get critiqued like a quarterback losing games. If a pass is getting caught, it’s just like a quarterback throwing a game-winning touchdown or game-losing interception. That’s how it goes.”

Revis, a Super Bowl Champion, a seven time NFL Pro Bowler, and five time NFL All Pro First Team selection, was once considered the best cornerback in the National Football League. He was purported to able to shut down any wide receiver. Recently, he has not been able to shut down opposing players.

“When you play Cover Zero on some of the best receivers in the world, it takes a toll on your body,” said Revis. “And your coaches have confidence to say we trust that you’re going to shut down this guy that had 200 yards receiving and the week before he had (more). We trust you with that job. So it’s hard. It’s a lot.”

A large part of the shock of the performance of Revis is that his drop off seems all of a sudden. He totaled nine pass defenses and five interceptions in 2015. Now 31 years of age, Revis admitted to struggling to work himself into shape during the beginning of the season.