Dana White says McGregor would beat Mayweather in a street fight
By admin - 2016-12-24 14:37:05

Dana White said that Conor McGregor would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a street fight.

According to the Ultimate Fighting Championship President, White, “Money” Mayweather would not stand a chance against his fighter without the gloves on.

“Floyd’s about this tall (points towards the ground), his hands are like peanut brittle, he has to wrap them a million times so he doesn’t break his hands,” said White in an interview with TMZ Sports. “Floyd better hope he don’t run into Conor on the street. Let me tell you what, not only will Conor kick his ass, he’ll kick the (expletive) out of everyone of his security guards, too. I would love to be there when Floyd tries to slap Conor McGregor. I promise you, Floyd, you will never try to walk up and slap Conor McGregor and you know it, too.”

This comes as a response to comments Mayweather Jr. made about slapping McGregor.

“I’m [expletive] McGregor up too. Punk-[expletive] McGregor… I’m gonna slap McGregor. I’m gonna slap the [expletive] out of McGregor when I see him,” said Mayweather in an interview with Fight Hype.

McGregor and Mayweather have been insulting one another for almost a year and with McGregor obtaining a boxing license in the state of Nevada there has been much talk of a possible mega fight between the two. White, however, is downtalking any possibility of a future fight being made.

“It will never happen,” said White. “Let me tell you what, that fight will happen before Floyd walks up and tries to slap Conor, I promise you that, too.”