Dak Prescott opens up about being Cowboys starting QB
By admin - 2017-01-11 14:12:56

Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, opened up about his starting as a rookie.

According to Prescott, who was a fourth round pick out of Mississippi State University, he did not consider that he would become the starter over four time Pro Bowler, Tony Romo, let alone become a Pro Bowler himself in his first year in the NFL.

“[The starting job] just came a whole lot earlier than I had imagined,” Prescott said. “Figured it would be a couple of years down the road, but as I said, an opportunity presented itself, take it and run with it. I was thankful. Just to be able to go in there, play for this great organization, have great coaches, have great teammates.”

Prescott gave credit to the Cowboys organization and a culture that was always been supportive of his ascension. He said that there is absolutely no tension between he and long time Cowboys starting signal caller, Romo, who lost his job after being injured.

“I have vets texting me — Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, you got Tony, he’s texting me like ‘I believe in you. You’re the type of guy I pull for,'” Prescott said. “So it just makes me feel comfortable. Just to go each and every day and be myself,” said Prescott. “Everybody wants to see everyone else be successful and succeed. We’re all cheering for the other guy, we’re all cheering for the backup. Our offense is cheering for the defense. You just want to see everyone be happy.”