Could Wayne Rooney Become a MLS Coach?
By Claire Miles - May 26, 2023

There have been many rumors surrounding the prospects of Wayne Rooney becoming a coach in the premier league. Rooney has recently been in the headlines for his decision to walk away from his management position in Derby County. The announcement to walk away after seventeen months with the troubled Rams had many fans questioning the former Manchester United star’s next move. Many assume that due to Rooney’s surprise announcement that he would be moving on to a different role in the world of football.

Many believe that the next step in Rooney’s career would be stepping into the role of coach. It has been reported by The Sun that Rooney has stepped back into the classroom to finish up his coaching badge, he is now halfway through the Pro Licence course and has been rumored to be planning on making visits to some of the top football clubs. The Pro Licence is required to be able to become a premier league coach so many believe that this is a good sign that Rooney may be looking at for his future in football. However, Rooney may not need to fully complete the course before landing the role of a football coach.

Getty Images/WireImage/ Karwai Tang

Sources have said that Rooney’s love for the game means that he would not be gone for long, it is said that he may be waiting for the right opportunity. This has yet to be confirmed by Rooney himself and the only statement he has made regarding his employment in the football league has been stating that he would be leaving his previous role at Derby County. Many fans are excited at the prospect of having a football legend like Rooney turn football coach. The work that he did in his management position at Derby County has shown many that he may have what it takes to fill the role of coach.