Cowboys take NFC’s worst record into final quarter of season
By admin - August 10, 2020

While the Dallas Cowboys have the worst record in the NFC going into the final quarter of the season, they aren’t eliminated because they play in the NFL’s worst division. Here are the highlights:

  • The NFC East is getting better as a whole while the Cowboys still fall into a losing record.
  • With other squads getting major victories, the Cowboys can kiss their hope of returning good-bye.
  •  After COVID-19 issues caused a five-day delay, they still face a short week of the season going in to take on Cincinnati.
  • McCarthy said  a win against Cincinnati would be the start to finishing up strong.
  • While the pandemic and all the injuries hurt the chance of getting a new defense mechanism in there, some things were still not expected.
  • They had a few chances to level back up but quarterback Andy Dalton said, “All we can do is put our head down and work.” It’s about getting the best out of their last four games.
  • They can at least finish off the season with some dignity due to their offense getting a bit better.