Conor McGregor uses "Scarface" quotes to insult Team Diaz
By admin - 2016-10-12 20:59:57

Conor McGregor insulted the Nate Diaz team at the UFC 202 open workouts.

“(Expletive) the Diaz brothers! (Expletive) those cockroaches!” shouted McGregor, doing an impression of Tony Montana from the famous gangster film,  Scarface.

The tirade occurred on Thursday in front of a bevy of Diaz fans ahead of a McGregor question and answer session.

McGregor, who was handed his first professional UFC defeat by Diaz (who was a last minute replacement), was champing at the bit for a rematch with the larger man.

“It’s a big fight. We came here ready for war, not ready to throw little (expletive) bottles and go running. We are ready to fight so let’s go,” said McGregor. “That fairytale he’s been having is coming to an end. So all the fans have been giving him this invincible feeling that he can’t be knocked out. He can be knocked out and he will be knocked out.”

McGregor has avoided doing much media ahead of the Diaz rematch, and was kicked off of the UFC 200 card for his lack of media involvement.

McGregor claims that he isn’t interested in a war of words, however. He is interested in a war of fists.

“My legacy’s set in stone,” reasoned McGregor. “My legacy was set in stone when Jose (Aldo) crumbled in 13 seconds. This is just something else outside of this. This is just a straight fight. So I’m happy with that cause that’s what I came here for. I came in here for a straight fight.”