Commemorative red bike stolen from Muhammad Ali monument
By admin - 2016-10-12 20:59:57

Thieves have stolen the commemorative red bicycle hanging from the Muhammad Ali monument.

Ali, who died in Arizona on June 3 of this year after a highly publicized bout with Parkinson’s Disease, was celebrated in his hometown of Louisville Kentucky.

His body was driven around the streets of his hometown so that people could see “The Greatest of All Time” for the last time and pay their respects.

At Spalding University, a Louisville college, a red bike was hung on a monument in remembrance of the legendary pugilist.

It is said that Ali, then Cassius Marcellus Clay, got his start in boxing after another boy stole his bike and he learned to fight in order to beat the boy for his bike back.

“He left his bike outside and someone stole his bike and he went inside and said, ‘I’m going to whoop somebody,'” explained Spalding president, Tori Murden McClure. “He ran into a police officer Joe Martin who said if you’re going to beat somebody you better learn how to box.”

Spalding University reported on Friday through a tweet that the commemorative red bike had been stolen and asked the community to assist them in returning it.

“Our tribute to Muhmmad Ali has disappeared,” tweeted the university. “Please help us locate the red bicycle we hung from our University Center (formerly Columbia Gym) in his honor.”

The University Center, formerly Columbia Gym, is where it is reported that Ali had his bike stolen when he was all but 12 years of age.