Chuck Liddell doubtful about a Rousey comeback
By admin - 2016-12-16 11:42:41

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell is doubtful that Ronda Rousey is ready to make a comeback.

Liddell, an Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer and one time Light Heavyweight Champion, questioned the mental fortitude of Rousey, who was at one point the biggest star in the UFC and had an invincible aura about her. Rousey lost in devastating fashion to Holly Holm in her last fight and admitted to the loss taking a toll on her. She was previously undefeated and after the loss, took a hiatus from the public spotlight and had thoughts of suicide. Liddell claimed that this was not the sign of a mentally fit fighter. He compared Rousey to Jose Aldo, who was knocked out by Conor McGregor in 13 seconds.

“A guy like Aldo gets knocked out, he wanted to fight that day. He wanted a shot at [McGregor] that day,” argued Liddell. “That’s a fighter. That’s a guy that’s got it together up here. ‘I made a mistake, I know what I did, I want to win now.’ [Rousey] folded. I don’t know what happened.”

Rousey will look make her comeback against Amanda Nunes.

“It’s hard for her at her stature to come back at a smaller fight,” said Liddell. “But (as a coach), I would’ve gotten her a warm-up fight, just to get mentally back in the game. Amanda Nunes is a tough, tough opponent. If you want to come back, that’s the one to come back and show you’re back.”