Chelsea F.C accused of sexual abuse
By admin - 2016-12-05 05:40:20

Chelsea FC has been charged by Gary Johnson for sexual assault by then coach, Eddie Heath in 1970. He approached Chelsea, who paid him $60,000 as hush money. He also signed a gagging agreement with the club.

Johnson, who was a first team player for Chelsea from 1978 to 1981 says the assault went on for quite a while. He said each time Heath got more adventurous. Sometimes he even called other boys proving that there were many other people abused out there.

Heath would attack me at every opportunity. He would get me naked in bed, try more adventurous things,” he said. “During these three to four years, he got me to perform in threesomes with other boys, so I know there are other victims out there – it is now up to them if they come forward.”

His bravery has opened up a can as more than 860 people have called a football dedicated hotline accusing past coaches of sexual assault.

This has led to other sports being investigated as well. The FA has stated that they are launching their investigation into the matter.

Chelsea says they have hired a group of independent lawyers to investigate the case. Johnson says he had earlier approached Chelsea, who in as many words told him to prove it. But with Heath deceased that may be careful.
Former Southampton and Newcastle players have also come out and said they also experienced sexual assault from the coaches. Many of them say they were afraid to talk about it that after hearing Johnson’s story they were inspired.