Celtics Thomas to have tooth professionally reinserted
By admin - 2019-02-20 01:46:15

Boston Celtics guard, Isaiah Thomas, will look to get his lost tooth professionally reinserted.

Thomas, who starred in the Sunday second round Game One victory for his Celtics over the Washington Wizards, had the tooth knocked out in the first quarter of the game. Thomas went for a steal on Wizards forward, Otto Porter, but his front tooth made contact with the elbow of Porter, knocking out the tooth. Team physicians attempted to reinsert the tooth, but it fell out shortly after. Despite the injury, Thomas went on to score a game high 33 points on 11 for 23 shooting from the field to help his team to a 12 point triumph.

“It just bothers me to talk. My tongue goes right through my tooth,” lisped Thomas during his post-game press conference. “I’ve never had dental problems so this is new. I’ve always had teammates that I’ve always clowned them about the tooth being out and now I’m one of them. So hopefully we can replace it as soon as possible.”

Despite Thomas expressing a desire to get the tooth fixed, his teammates have joked about him remaining toothless for the remainder of the playoffs.

“He looks a little tougher. I like it,” joked Celtics teammate, Avery Bradley. “I was making jokes during the game on the bench and I got him laughing, it was funny. There’s a guy from Seattle named Rodney Stuckey and he plays with a missing tooth and I told Isaiah he should go with that look for the rest of the playoffs.”