Carmelo Anthony not concerned with trade talks
By admin - 2017-02-23 14:35:10

Carmelo Anthony has never been concerned with being traded from the New York Knicks.

For months, trade rumors have been swirling about Anthony being traded to such teams as the Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Clippers. Specific trades had been floated and reportedly discussed formally by the New York Knicks and other NBA teams. The Cavs and the Knicks reportedly were close to making a deal for Anthony to be traded for Kevin Love straight up. Obscure tweets from Knicks President of Basketball Operations, Phil Jackson, and press releases criticizing the Knicks star only added fuel to the fire. Anthony revealed on Wednesday that he had yet to hear anything from the organization on him being traded.

”I haven’t heard anything,” said Anthony. ”I haven’t seen anything other than what’s on social media. But other than that nobody has reached out to me, nobody has called me, nobody has called my team. That’s why I’m not too concerned about it.”

Anthony has a no trade clause, so any confusion between the two parties is irrelevant until they are on the same page.

”I mean, I think as far as understanding, I think both parties are very much understanding of each other, myself and the front office,” said Anthony. ”I think they know and understand how I feel and what I’m thinking, and I think I know what they’re thinking. I try to figure that out. But those guys understand and know how I’m feeling, what’s on my mind, and what I would like to see happen.”