Brothers have been arrested for murder of cousin of Dwyane Wade
By admin - 2016-10-12 21:00:27

Two brothers are being held for the murder of Nykea Aldridge.

Aldridge, who is the cousin of new Chicago Bull, Dwyane Wade, was killed on the South Side of Chicago while pushing her child in a stroller.

It has been reported that the gunfire that killed Aldridge was fired by two men and intended for a third man; not Aldridge.

Family and friends of Aldridge gathered on Sunday to mourn the passing of Aldridge

“This is my baby girl,” lamented Diann Aldridge, mother of Nykea. “Her life is gone too soon. Too soon she was taken away from us. We’re just thankful to God that she was here on this earth as long as she was to bring joy to our hearts. She was an awesome, little quiet storm of a daughter.”

Two brothers, Derren and Darwin Sorrels appeared in an Illinois bond court in Cook County on Sunday having been charged with the murder of Aldridge.

According to reports, the two brothers were attempting to shoot a man who had driven a group of women into the Parkway Gardens neighborhood where the shooting occurred.

“These offenders believed the driver may have been armed with a weapon,” explained Chicago police Commander, Brendan Deenihan. “At this point, when the (driver) goes back and forth between where he dropped the girls off, the residence and his car. When he comes out to his vehicle, now there’s two offenders armed with handguns chasing him down, attempting to kill him, and they miss him and they kill (Aldridge).”