Broke Lesner to quit WWE
By admin - 2016-11-25 06:55:18

After a colossal loss to Goldberg, who is a 50-year-old wrestler who left WWE 12 years ago, it looks like the management of WWE may be looking to get rid of the beast incarnate.

Broke Lesner has been made to look like an animal, “the all-conquering inhuman source of change” as Paul Hyman so fondly describes “his client.”

But he has never been a crowd favorite. Many times he annihilates all his competition with little of that entertainment factor that drives business to WWE.

Recently Broke fought Randy Orton, a highly decorated veteran, one of the best in the world at what he does. In the end, it was not even a fight a Broke literally broke Orton leaving a bloody mess behind.
But it looks like WWE will finally move this inhuman factor on to someone else, if not, give it back to Goldberg, after all, he is the original “beast incarnate.”

The recent fight between Broke and Goldberg took only two minutes for the three count. Lesner did not make an offensive move at all. Instead, he received two spears and a Jackhammer to end his invisible streak.

But before Lesner goes there is a rumored there will be one last match between Goldberg and himself. “I might be a lot smaller, and you might have more matches that I have over the years,” said Goldberg when asked about the WrestleMania challenge. “But am a lot more dangerous pal. Stick to the video game.”

Lesner is rumored to be looking to go back to MMA fighting. He has had his fair share of career change over the years, including being a football player who didn’t go so well.