Brock Lesner banned for one year for failing drug test
By admin - 2017-01-06 05:03:14

The UFC has burned the WWE and UFC superstar for dropping allegations. A Urine test came out positive for both clomiphene and 4-hydroxyxlomiphine substances that have been banned in the UFC.

He has therefore been banned for one year and fined a quarter of a million dollars. This banned will be backtracked before his final bout with Mark Hunt where he won via a unanimous decision from the judges.

The drugs tested positive by Lesner are used to enhance the body’s natural testosterone to extreme levels. With heightened testosterone levels athletes become stronger have better endurance and are mentally more aggressive.

This perhaps explains why Lesnar has always in such a bad mood. He took a hiatus from the UFC for four years after some embarrassing performances.

Lesner went to reincarnate himself on the WWE as an unforgiving, relentless all concurring beast. He has barely been pinned for the three count in WWE for the four years he has been there.

“Lesner is scary; you don’t rely on how fast and vigorous he is until you are with him in the ring.” Said WWE superstar John Cena, one of the only three people to pin him in three years. “He has incredible endurance, just when you think you have the upper hand, he gets up with no sign of exhaustion. He can be really destructive.”

It appears that Lesner will go entirely to WWE due to the ban. But with WWE also hard on drug allegations, Lesnar may find himself jobless soon.