Brian Kelly says every starting position on his team is up for review
By admin - 2016-09-25 02:10:41

Notre Dame head coach, Brian Kelly announced that all 22 starting jobs on his team are up for grabs.

The announcement came after a 38 to 35 home loss to Duke University on Saturday. Notre Dame has fallen to a one and three record after being predicted to have a promising season. Kelly spoke in a post game press conference on the job security of the players who took the field for him during the game.

“Every position, all 22 of them, will be evaluated,” said Kelly. “Each and every position. There is no position that is untouchable on this football team. And that’s the quarterback, all the way down to — maybe the long snapper’s OK. We’re not going to touch him. But everybody else is vulnerable.”

Kelly singled out redshirt sophomore quarterback, DeShone Kizer. According to Kelly, the play of Kizer on Saturday was “below standard” and “not acceptable.” Kizer threw for 381 yards and ran for 60 more but turned the ball over twice in the loss.

“Guys that have fire and grit and — we had one guy in the entire football team that had emotion and fire. That is Dexter Williams. He’s the only one. He’s the only one that I saw. One guy,” claimed Kelly. “So, if you want to play for me moving forward, you better — I don’t care what your résumé says, I don’t care if you were a five-star [recruit], if you had 100 tackles or 80 receptions or 30 touchdown passes — you better have some damn fire and energy in you. We lack it. We lack it. Severely.”