Brazil coach defends star player Neymar crying after win
By admin - 2019-02-13 01:47:18

After Brazil forward Neymar wept openly following his side’s 2-0 World Cup victory over Costa Rica, the Brazilian media called it a sign of emotional fragility. But Brazil manager Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, more commonly known as Tite, defended his star forward, calling it not a sign of weakness but one of pride.

“We mustn’t think that a moment of emotion is a sign of emotional imbalance,. I understand that there has to be a balance between reason and emotion, and there is a moment when you need ice, calm and lucidity,”┬áTite told reporters, via ESPN, adding that he was moved to tears himself after the game. “I want to tell the whole Brazilian nation that I cried, When I called my wife, I cried with happiness, with satisfaction, because my characteristic is to be emotional. I cried with pride, as we were under so much pressure to play a good game.”

Next up for the team nicknamed the Samba Boys is their last Group E match with Serbia, where Brazil need a draw to qualify for the round of 16 knockout stage. Vying for its sixth World Cup title, Brazil opened the tournament with a 1-1 draw against Switzerland, with Neymar and Philippe Coutinho providing the goals in the victory over Costa Rica.