Brady Shines Apart From Belichek
By Andrew Parker - December 11, 2021

Tom Brady and Bill Belichek are one of the most iconic pairings in modern football history. For over 20 years the pair worked together to help great one of the most inspiring legacies the NFL has yet seen. Working together at the New England Patriots the two of them have one 6 Super Bowls – more than any otherĀ  except the Pittsburgh Steelers

Perhaps the most successful period of the pair of Belichick and Brady was the last one. From 2014 to 2018 the two of them made their into 4 of the 5 Super Bowls, winning three of the championships.

However, after the last Super Bowl win for the Patriots, it was time for the pair to split and go their separate ways. The team was running low on talent to support Brady which lead to a letdown of a season for the greatest of all time.

GettyImages/Boston Globe/Boston Globe

Brady went his own way, leaving the Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Belichick stayed at the Patriots and started to work on a new team. The superstar team of Brady and Belichek were no more, but the coach and player proved they were still exceptional in their own rights.

Brady’s impact in Tampa Bay was immediate. The quarterback had a season filled with ups and downs but succeeded in ending the regular season with four back-to-back wins for the Buccaneers and led them to take home the Super Bowl trophy.

Brady’s performance was reminiscent of when he was in his prime. Through almost the entirety of the season, Brady was in the lead for almost every conceivable ranking that matters, whether that be passing yards, passing touchdowns, completions, or attempts.

Brady is now 44 years old but his performance is of a player at his best, comparable to a Brady in his heyday.