Brady gets 7th trophy in a season to remember
By admin - February 8, 2021

Brady and his new team, Tampa Bay, made their way to a 31-9 victory over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are the highlights:

  • Brady adding to his record with a seventh Super Bowl title, but with the long-suffering Bucs, not the front-running New England Patriots? And with 7,500 of the most precious tickets in sports given to health-care workers — the world’s unsung heroes — who mingled in with those cardboard cutouts, and only a few thousand live, hard-core fans?
  • The league conducted almost 1 million COVID tests and put its 32 franchises through some of the most stringent protocols of any industry.
  • After Brady led the Bucs to the win that took them back to their home in Tampa for the Super Bowl, coach Bruce Arians said there was an easy explanation for the resurgence of a franchise that had been all but dormant for the past decade: “It only took one man,” he said.
  • On Sunday, Brady finished with a modest 201 yards passing to go with three touchdowns, including two to tight end Rob Gronkowski, the old New England teammate.
  • It was a sublime performance, filled with dinks and dunks — and plenty of help from a Kansas City defense that imploded with eight first-half penalties, all of them critical, as Tampa Bay rolled to a 21-6 lead.
  • Brady earned his fifth Super Bowl MVP award.
  • “He has the resume, he understands the game,” said running back Leonard Fournette, who joined Gronkowski among the handful players who signed short-term contracts with the Bucs, finding the lure of playing with Brady too much to resist. “He’s played against every defense you could ever throw at him.”
  • This was the first time Kansas City hasn’t scored a touchdown in the three seasons since Mahomes took over as the starter. “The receivers were running routes not exactly where I thought they were going to be,” Mahomes said. “The offensive line, they were good at some times and sometimes they let guys through. When you’re playing a good defense like that you have to be on the same page as an offense. We weren’t today and that’s why we played so bad.”
  • Brady wasn’t much into reflecting or dissecting or ranking where this title falls among his ever-growing list of championships and success. He did promise, however, that he’d be back. “We were fortunate our team stayed disciplined, with all the protocols in place, and ended up getting the job done,” he said.