Boxing Weigh-In Structure
By Claire Miles - November 12, 2022

Weight-based pairings are used in boxing and other professional combat sports generally. To confirm that they are under the weight limit for their specific weight class, competitors may go on a scale before the fight, sometimes taking off all of their clothing. Professional boxing fans should watch the weigh-in itself. Even heavyweights, who have no weight restriction, nonetheless engage in it since it is a crucial component of boxing. The day before a battle, the two fighters who will face off in it enter a set room with a scale in the middle, where they will be weighed.

Getty images/AFP/ GIUSEPPE CACACE/ Contributor

Boxers of various weights can be grouped using weight classes. They are employed to create competitive matches between competitors of comparable heights and ages. As weight becomes more difficult to drop, bone density rises, and muscle mass is retained, it is widely believed that older fighters can move up weight classes more easily. The official weigh-in crew, a plethora of media, the combatants’ entourage, and paparazzi are typically present. Some edgier and more cocky boxers will seize the chance to disparage their opponent. Both boxers stand with their fists raised after a battle before starting the pre-fight ritual.

In certain circumstances, the weigh-in procedure is changed. A tournament is one scenario where this might occur. General and daily weigh-ins are required at multi-day boxing competitions. The upper and lower weight limitations are strictly enforced at the general weigh-in at the start of the competition, but only the higher limit is applied daily. A boxer may be moved to a different weight class if there is space in the bracket if they don’t make weight during a general weigh-in. But you’ll be automatically disqualified if you miss a weigh-in. The difference in weight between two boxers can also be regulated by other bodies, such as the IBO. For instance, the weight differential between two boxers categorized as middleweight fighters (160 lbs maximum weight) cannot exceed ten pounds.