Bolt says quick turnaround affected gold medal time in 100m
By admin - 2016-10-12 20:59:38

Usain Bolt claimed that having only an hour to rest before the 100m final affected his race time.

Bolt, who defeated American, Marcus Gatlin, and Canadian, Tyson De Grasse, for the gold medal and to become “the fastest man in the world,” said that the turnaround time between the semifinals and the final affected race times.

The semifinal and final on Sunday were separated by only an hour and some of the track and field athletes complained that there wasn’t enough time to gear up to be at their best in the marquee race.

“I don’t know who decided that. It was really stupid. So, that’s why the race was slow. There’s no way you can run and go back around and run fast times again,” complained Bolt. “It’s the first time I’ve had to jog to the warm up area to get ready for the final.”

“I was like ‘Yo, I probably could run a fast time,'” replied Bolt after being asked how he felt after the semi final race.

Even with the quick turnaround time, Bolt set a record for winning a third straight gold medal in the 100m.

Bolt has set the world record for the 100m and hoped to finish in the 9.58 range in the gold medal race with the world watching.

Instead, Bolt finished in 9.81 seconds and trailed for a large portion of the race, being forced to catch up and win the race comfortably in the end.

9.81 seconds is not a top 10 personal best time for the iconic sprinter.