Bills players criticize Jarvis Landry's block as dirty play
By admin - 2018-08-21 08:19:47

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry executed what he and his teammates thought was the perfect block on Buffalo Bills cornerback Taron Johnson in their preseason matchup Friday night, springing Carlos Hyde for a 4-yard touchdown run around the right end.

Bills players, however, have a far different view. Many say Landry’s block, which sent an unsuspecting Johnson flying through the air, was plain, old dirty.

“Landry, he’s a good receiver, physical guy, but some of those plays that he has, (that hit) on Taron, I’m pretty sure he has other ones, I just think they’re dirty,” Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander told ESPN.┬áComing from the outside of the box in, the league needs to do a better job of calling penalties on those types of plays. Obviously, defenders get called all the time on stuff that is probably less egregious than that. If we’re going to protect our football players, we need to protect everybody, not just offensive guys. It was dirty at the end of the day, and that’s how I feel about it.”

Landry was lined up on the right side of the field and blasted Johnson at the 5-yard line with an almost blindside hit as soon as the ball was snapped, creating a lane for Hyde on the outside edge all the way to the end zone. The play was clean as far as officials were concerned, but Bills safety Micah Hyde also questioned why a flag wasn’t thrown.

“That’s ridiculous,” Hyde said. “Because if a defensive player does that to an offensive player, he’s getting ejected. I don’t care if he lowered his shoulder or not. He’s coming all the way from No. 1, past the numbers and flying down onto the hashes and cleaning up somebody. That’s the same as that play that Aaron Williams got hit on a couple years back and basically ruined his career. To me, that’s B.S. You can’t do that.”