Best Workout Gear Brands
By Jade Kerr - March 10, 2023

It might be challenging to determine which fitness brand offers the greatest apparel, footwear, and accessories. The abundance of women’s fitness brands and the frequent emergence of new ones can be overwhelming. This article lists the top women’s fitness apparel companies to make your choice simpler. Possibly the most well-known sportswear brand in the world is Nike. A track and field coach launched it as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. From shoes to apparel to bags to accessories, they sell it all. Nike is a major sponsor of many professional female athletes, notably Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe of USA Soccer. They also support many American universities, including Wake Forest University, Syracuse University, and the University of Alabama.

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Kevin Plank, a former football player for the University of Maryland, launched Under Armour in 1996. Because he was sick of sweating all over his shirts during practice, he started this company. Sportswear made by Under Armour is designed to wick away sweat from the body when an athlete is exercising. Within a year of the brand’s introduction, it made its first sizable sale to Georgia Tech University. They sponsor athletes like USA Soccer star Kelley O’Hara and skier Lindsey Vonn. The University of Notre Dame, Temple University, and the University of California-Berkeley are just a few of the American universities that Under Armour supports.

Joseph William Foster established the business known as Reebok in the United Kingdom in 1895. Foster gained knowledge about shoemaking while serving as an apprentice for his grandfather. J. W. Foster founded the business at first, creating shoes he termed “Foster’s Running Pumps” to improve running efficiency. Famous athletes began using these shoes in 1924, which increased their brand reputation. In 1958, the company reinvented itself and adopted the name Reebok. Alongside shoes, for which the brand is now best known, an extensive range of athletic gear was introduced throughout the 1980s.