Arsenal master the most memorable comeback
By admin - 2019-08-06 04:41:56

The premier league is heating up for one of the most exciting years. Chelsea after disappearing into obscurity in the past year has come up sharply this campaign.

It appears that all they needed to do is change the management. They moved on from Mourinho, who is now at United. Chelsea has set the pace this season after losing to the arsenal in the third match.
They have gone to register 13 clean wins since moving 7 points clear at the summit. Arsenal on the other hand Arsenal has been struggling ever since and are 9 points behind the leaders.

On Tuesday night the Gunners registered a remarkable com back against Bournemouth. This is a team that has fought hard against big teams and even got away with three points against United and Liverpool.
After 30 minutes Arsenal was two goals down and looked completely out of their depth. Bournemouth played the compelling game and hustled and hurried Arsenal into making a mistake.

At the beginning of the second round, Bellerin made a mistake and Arsenal paid for it with conceding the third goal.

But an inspired Giroud and Sanchez just don’t know how to give up. With Wenger introducing Chamberlin and Perez Arsenal went into full throttle and showed the rest that they are not going to go down so easy.

Sanchez scored the first goal and quickly carried the ball to the center circle. Five minutes later Perez put in a belter that fizzed past the keeper in perfect fashion. Giroud completed the comeback with a gasping header.

But Sanchez was not satisfied and wanted all the three points even after the whistle and was visibly frustrated on the touchline.