Arizona State player apologizes for obscene gesture
By admin - 2019-08-01 02:43:10

Arizona State forward, Torian Graham, apologized for exhibiting both middle fingers before a Sun Devils loss.

Graham made the gesture on Thursday before the Arizona State Sun Devils lost to the 16th ranked Arizona Wild Cats. According to Graham, he made the gesture in response to multiple racial slurs being directed at him from the Arizona student section. Graham would later delete the tweet in which he made that claim and apologize for ever making the gesture.

”I am truly sorry for my actions to everyone associated with the game last night and for losing focus after the early part of warmups,” read a statement released by Graham and Arizona State University on Friday. ”What I did should never happen and there is no excuse. I apologize for all of this and other concerns I had I will handle the right way internally with proper guidance.”

Arizona University would not confirm that there were any racial slurs directed at the Arizona State player.

”We continue to look into the accusation made by Arizona State’s Torian Graham,” said Arizona in a statement. ”At this time, we have not heard from anyone, including students, staff and security in proximity of the incident, who can confirm Graham’s claim. While we can’t say with certainty that it did not occur, we were told by people in that area that they did not hear words or language of that nature prior to, during and after the time of the incident as well as during the game.