Florida’s Johnson ‘following simple commands’ after collapse
By admin - December 20, 2020

Florida forward Keyontae Johnson health has been a concern for a bit after collapsing after a time out.  Here are the highlights.

  • Officials said that Johnson is undergoing further tests. His condition is stable but it’s critical two days after collapsing in the game at Florida State. His mother was by his side as they transferred Johnson to Gainesville via helicopter.
  • Coach Mike White and head athletic trainer Dave Werner, returned to Gainesville on the school’s jet with other family members Monday after being at Tallahassee.
  • USA Today cited  Johnson’s grandfather, Larry DeJarnett, as saying that the player’s in in a medically induced coma.
  • Johnson, the Southeastern Conference’s preseason player of the year, had to receive emergency medical attention. It was a trying moment when everyone on the Gators squad saw Johnson was carried out on a stretcher.
  • ESPN didn’t want to show any footage but witnesses said his eyes were open and he had a bloody face after falling forward.
  • Afterwards, The Gators announced Johnson was in critical but stable condition with an hour after the incident.
  • Florida sent a jet to his parents in Norfolk, Virginia to get fly them to the hospital in Tallahassee to see their son.
  • Johnson’s teammates and coaches were taken aback after the collapse. The Seminoles ended up taking the game against Florida 83-71.
  • The Gators were schedule to host North Florida, but it’s been called off with no postponement date yet.
  • Both the football and women’s basketball team showed respect and gave Johnson a moment of silence.  Johnson’s girlfriend, forward Jordyn Merritt, stayed strong throughout her basketball game.
  • Johnson tested positive COVID-19 like some other teammates during the summer. However, it’s unknown if the virus may have caused the collapse, which has been documented as a leading catalyst to myocarditis.
  • If Johnson returns, he’ll have to go through strict protocols and heart testing before playing on the court.